The 5K will be a timed fun race and the top 3 finishers will be given awards.     

The location of the run is ideal. The Refuge consists of 107,000 acres of forested wetlands surrounding Lake Drummond, a 3,100 acre natural lake located in the heart of the swamp. William Drummond, the first Governor of North Carolina (1663-1667), discovered the oval lake which still bears his name. Even though the average depth of the lake is only six feet, its unusually pure water is essential to the swamp’s survival. The amber-colored water is preserved by tannic acids from the bark of the juniper, gum and cypress trees, prohibiting growth of bacteria. Before the days of refrigeration, water from the Swamp was a highly prized commodity on sailing ships. It was put in kegs and would stay fresh a long time. People spoke of the magical qualities of the Swamp’s tea-colored water and how, if it were regularly drunk, it prevented illness and promoted long life.

 The race will follow the Dismal Swamp trail and will return to the visitor center parking lot at the northern end of the trail. All participants must bring an ID and a signed Waiver if they have not completed one online.

Join us for a fantastic day in the park.   The event will occur rain or shine.